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Wherever you are, we speak your language. We are truly passionate about what we do, and we want your message to be heard all over the the world. Are you ready to go global? 


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Yes, we do specialize in video game localization, but there is so much more that we can do! Whether you are looking to translate a game, website, cryptocurrency exchange platform or blockchain-related texts, an app, a book, or an official document for a foreign embassy, we are here for you. Click here to learn more about our services.


Already have the text in your target language but not sure if it is good enough? We are here to help you. We provide a wide range of services - from basic proofreading services to ensure that your text is grammatically correct and reads well, to adjusting it to a specific dialect and/or target audience. Let us help you expand your market share.


Yes! You heard us right. We can create the text for you in the target language of your choice from scratch. Just let us know what you need written, who it is for, and what your objective is - and we'll do the rest. We truly do speak the Language of the World.



Catherine has always been fascinated by words and the stories they tell, so it's no surprise she chose a path that led her to play with words all day long. She now has somehow combined her passions - stories, video games and languages -  into her career. And she thinks it's pretty awesome!


Lead French Translator and Proofreader

Marina comes from a family of dedicated linguists, and she has always loved learning foreign languages. Her ability to pay attention to detail combined with the talent to choose just the right words always bring game characters to life, making story lines more colorful and the gameplay - more exciting. In her free time, Marina loves to travel, read and swim.


Lead Spanish Translator and Proofreader

Markus has been an anglophile ever since getting his first English picture book at the tender age of 5 (a tie-in to "The Empire Strikes Back", no less). He's also been an enthusiastic video gamer since the late 1980s. After having worked and lived in the UK and other foreign countries for a number of years, he's now back in his native Austria working as a freelance translator, combining his love for languages with his passion for video games. He seriously believes he has the best job in the world.


Lead German Translator and Proofreader


Lead Italian Translator and Proofreader

Lead English Editor, Copyright Specialist

Founder and Managing Director

In his early years, Marco was a hippy and traveled around the world on his daddy's money. On his return to Italy in 1983, he decided it was time to grow up. Marco was already fluent in English and French, and he had always loved foreign languages - so studying to become a translator seemed to be a reasonable career choice. Today, at the age of 60, he has a rather extensive professional background, which ranges from interpreting at top-management meetings to working on several  international cooperation projects. He is deeply committed to facilitating cross-cultural dialogue in his hometown in Italy,  loves practicing Tai Chi Chuan, and is a cooking/cuisine enthusiast.

Elena would spend hours looking over foreign-language textbooks back when she was a little girl. Come to think of it, this is still her favorite past time, the only difference being that the textbooks have been replaced by the little green owl Duolingo. Elena has always known that bridging the cross-cultural gap and helping people from different countries understand each other better is her true calling. After graduating college in her native Voronezh, Russia, she moved to the United States and started working as a freelance translator back in 2005. In 2007, she joined forces with her husband Chris - and this was how Brave New Worlds was born. In her free time, Elena loves hanging out with her 3 kids, traveling, writing and belly-dancing.   

A native of London, Chris moved to the United States with his family when he was 6 years old. Caught between the two cultures, a "misfit" of sorts, Chris has always thought of himself as a citizen of the world. He spent many years trotting the globe and playing music, having visited over 40 countries on his journey. Being a songwriter and composer, Chris has a real way with words. He can make any translation sound as if it was originally written in English, and he can also create quite captivating copyright content. Chris loves traveling, especially exploring the American West, playing music and spending time with his family. 




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